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mmihelic No proportion steering. It's either straight or full lock. It's a toy grade RC.

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D: how much battery I get

Domandata da BG411715345 il 2021-10-10 02:13:36

mmihelic You get 1 battery.

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mmihelic Afterthe second front left dogbone snapped at wheel hub I decided to install these. Unfortunately the pin hole on the wheel hub side is 5mm in diameter and the pin is 5,2mm. These do not fit! Good luck milling out steel with average household power tools.

mmihelic 22/03/2021
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mmihelic RH 1073-SJ has the 140mm tires, while the RH 1093-ST has 110mm tires. These tires are 110mm, if the description is to be believed. They are primarily meant for the 1093-ST. You can put them on the 1073-SJ, but it will just look funny.

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