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D: Can Be used for some others V-Tail planes,?
because FMS doesnt have.

Domandata da OPELFRIK il 2022-11-19 04:40:33

BG564854524 Only to be used on the specified FMS planes.

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D: is the FC 5A or 12A?

Domandata da MarkMontreal il 2022-03-28 08:49:39

OPELFRIK it is 5A per motor

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D: can i use this stack for 3inch cinewoop.??

Domandata da BG514475419 il 2022-02-01 11:02:18

OPELFRIK this stack is for 5" inch freestyle. For 3" you search MINI Stack around 30-40A 20x20 mm mounting patern.

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D: Does this board support 3.3V solder pad ?

Domandata da OPELFRIK il 2020-03-05 02:51:39

RodJosol Confirm, no 3.3V pad.

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D: can someone confirm if the V2 receiver Works on 3,3V ?

Domandata da OPELFRIK il 2020-01-13 04:44:05

BG484864850 Yes it works on 3,3v . Tested on tinyhawk2

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D: The esc and the motor admit 4s batteries?

Domandata da Quino il 2019-06-22 04:52:27

OPELFRIK Yes,I fly with 3300 4S lipo at full throttle is around 30A

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D: Does the FPV camera have mirror and flip function?

Domandata da Heclo il 2020-10-08 01:35:28

OPELFRIK It can flip image up side to down but not left to right.

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D: What does it use for Analog or Digtital

Domandata da BG594982516 il 2020-12-21 10:13:25

OPELFRIK It have Analouge FPV output and 4K recording in mp4.

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OPELFRIK i have this motor on WING ZETA Z-84 with 1500mah 3S Lipo and 6x4 prop. AUW is 420 gr. and have almost ulimited vertical clime, So it must be enought for normal flight for you. You can check one class bigger motor like RACESTAR BR2216 some Kv with 6x4 prop.

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D: What is the awg size for the motor wires?

Domandata da Jimcog60 il 2020-11-11 02:52:51

OPELFRIK theyare in diameter 0.62 milimetres

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