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D: Has someone tried 12000kv motors on 1s 3 inch?

Domandata da Markus12345 il 2021-01-29 06:08:11

BG484864850 Hq prop 30x1,5. 55gr auw. 1s best hover efficency so far ,at about 40 percent. Punch out is very aggressive. Battery can sag! So you are crazyfast if you like on full throttle with lots of amps. Or very efficient in mid. Its fun! Gemfan 3018 is overpropped. Hq 65mm is also good alternative. 2020x4 for stealth - super silent, not very efficient.

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D: can someone confirm if the V2 receiver Works on 3,3V ?

Domandata da OPELFRIK il 2020-01-13 04:44:05

BG484864850 Yes it works on 3,3v . Tested on tinyhawk2

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