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D: is theyre a fan inside this car?

Domandata da Lamborghinislol il 2021-08-24 06:28:42

jpgr17 Debería, todos los rc que he visto con motor brushless traen ventilador

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D: sirve para racerstar 4068 esc120a?

Domandata da TRASVIÑA il 2020-09-27 09:00:46

Lamborghinislol Yes

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D: Bonjour fonctionne avec goolrc rs 120A??

Domandata da BG225316392 il 2021-03-18 05:11:44

Lamborghinislol Nope

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D: Can I use this with a surpass hobby brushless 150a esc?

Domandata da Daniel Wagner il 2020-12-31 08:19:16

Lamborghinislol No it doesn’t work with that esc

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D: does it support esc surpasshobby rocket 18A for mini z?

Domandata da tuannd271 il 2020-09-29 06:33:39

Lamborghinislol No it doesn’t it need to be tuned to the rocket18A mini z system to be able to perform that.

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D: Hi, does it work with 120A Racerstar ESC?

Domandata da aletonelli95 il 2019-08-30 04:27:48

Lamborghinislol Yes it does tried it out a few weeks ago.

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Lamborghinislol amazing product i got mine and i was so happy! it works great no connection issues make sure to buy!!

Umar 03/08/2021
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D: is it earphones or airpods

Domandata da saraqureshi3344 il 2019-05-09 02:54:45

Lamborghinislol itsthe cover of the the actual airpod case itself but its not airpods just a cover for the case

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