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Toby Ling 2018-02-24 10:31:42
Great keyboard. I love the 60% size, I have a lot more room on my desk now, I am a student and often need to write and type at the same time. I couldn't do this easily with my previous keyboard as it took up too much of the desk. The switches (gateron brown) feel nice, there is a noticeable tactile bump when pressing slowly, but when typing fast it is barely noticeable. Pros: * 60% size, takes a bit to get used to the arrow keys on a function layer, but I write a lot of code and prefer to have the arrows on IJKL keys so I don't need to move my hands from the home row. * Price, compared to the mechanical keyboards from the big manufacturers at best buy and other retailers, this is much better value. *Feels solid, doesn't slide on the desk, or flex. * Bluetooth, sometimes I have a slight bit of delay depending on how close I am to my laptop, but it doesn't affect me during everyday tasks. Happy to trade that for less wires. Cons: * The stabilisers are terrible. Very loud and rattly. I improved mine by putting a thin piece of cardboard (slightly thicker than a playing card) between the stabiliser and the base. Just look up on youtube or reddit how to do this on an Anne Pro. I also put a lubricant on the stabilisers which helped the sound a lot too. * The function button can only be mapped to one key. Would be nice to have one on the CAPS button and one on the right hand side. There is probably software to do this but I couldn't get it working on my mac. I debated getting this for months and was put off by some of the quality control issues that people where posting. I wish I had have bought this a while ago, very happy overall.
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