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D: how to connect to windows 10?

Domandata da BG383392514 il 2020-09-29 05:08:54

BG195216431 usea usb soundcard

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D: microfone quality for a call? how is it?

Domandata da iavol83 il 2021-01-08 07:42:18

BG195216431 it s really good and u have only to click on the edge to answer

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D: Hello. How can I connect these with my pc and my LG tv;

Domandata da melan76 il 2020-12-16 12:59:34

BG195216431 go to settings , devices, click on add bluetooth or other device then choose tye bluetooth

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D: it's fit for Samsung phones ?

Domandata da BG181516142 il 2021-05-02 11:02:57

BG195216431 yes but the volume is lower comparing to pc

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D: does it wants sound card

Domandata da Seandee il 2018-09-26 06:28:08

BG195216431 if u want a good quality it s better to use a sound card and power phantom 48v or mixer

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