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zach8 2019-07-31 12:07:12
Quite reliable remote control module. 4 relays, 3 functions, two remotes AND you can add as many more remotes as you wish, AND you can use those copyer remote controls that simply copy the code of one of the main remotes. Functions are the typical, momentary, latching and alternating, the last one meaning that once you energize one relay it can't be deenergized unless you cut the power or you energize one of the other relays. I've used all three of them succesfully and without any problems for a couple of years now. I also continue to use one of these modules on a power sensitive application, where reliability is a serious issue, and it hasn't betrayed me. Not once. One major plus is the range. Not only it has the range advertised, but it works even behind walls, 3 stairs (12 meters up) AND behind a metal door. I'm not joking. It does. Provided (I guess....) that the battery is in good shape..... It works flawlessly and doesn't seem to hesitate even a little bit. Operating voltage is 12 V DC and it can work either with a standard AC/DC power supply, a car's battery or even those small wall outlet AC/DC converters that give out a max of 1 amp. I also used one module to handle 220V AC in the relay's main contacts, and I don't see any problems. Those little relays han handle it, provided the amps are not high. I'm estimating a few hunded miliamps in the AC, less than an Amp, so they seem to be fine. Shipping from Banggood is reliable, even in the standard shipping option. Takes a month to arrive to Greece, but I've never had any issues, either with undelivered items or replacements. And the modules allways arrived in perfect condition. Banggood is serious about customer satisfaction. Good job. Totaly recomend. Thanks Banggood!
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