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D: What mode is it on?

Domandata da Bob.Ward. il 2023-11-27 10:01:37

Laurie It is mode 2, but since it is only two channel, even a mode 1 flyer like myself can fly it easily. Also, if you have a multi protocol radio, the protocol is supported, so now I fly mine in mode 1 with my transmitter. It is a much better experience flying it with a multi protocol radio, but it is quite acceptable with the supplied transmitter.

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Peter W Incorrect, the transmitter is different between the two versions. You can change the mode, but it will default back when you turn it off. So if you are a Mode 2 flyer you really are better off getting the Mode 2 version, otherwise you'll forget to change the mode one day and crash.

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Laurie 14/06/2023
This cable has exceeded my expectations. I always buy braided cables now, because the non-braided ones have often broken on me, but the braided ones never. What really sets it apart though is that it can charge more than one device at once. I have had it charging my iPhone using the Lightning connector, and a powerbank using the micro USB connector, both at the same time. I monitored the output using a USB port monitor, and by connecting each device separately, then both together, I could see that it was working perfectly, with about 1/3 of the current going to the phone and 2/3 to the powerbank. I do not have any devices that charge using the USB C port, but I do have a charger that can charge several 1S lipo batteries at once, and can take input from a USB C port, so I connected that up to see what would happen. I found that if I connected it up with no battery in any of the charging ports, it would power up the charger, but if I put a battery in one of the ports it would shut down after a few seconds. However, if I put a couple of batteries in the charger ports BEFORE connecting the cable to the USB A port on my computer, it would work normally. I think what happens here is that because it is a smart cable, it interprets a sudden greatly increased demand on the USB C output as an abnormality and shuts the output down as a safety measure. So I think it's a very good buy, at an amazingly low price for such a sophisticated item. However, buyers should note it is a charging cable and cannot be used for data, and that the maximum current it can deliver out of the USB A port is 2A. It's actually sometimes an advantage to have a cable that will charge only, as it means there is no data security risk if you connect it to a public USB port.
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Laurie Ihave now flown it, and I am quite pleased with it. It is suitable for a beginner, and my 6 year old grandson has been flying it with no difficulty. It's not suitable for outdoors unless there is very little or no wind, as the the highest of the the three rates it has is still not high enough allow it to hold its own even in a light wind. The camera is reasonably good, but to make it work at least with an iphone you need to connect to the wifi for the camera, as described in the instructions, BUT ALSO go into the settings for the app and make sure network is ON and mobile data is OFF. The app has functions for controlling a flying machine as well, but I don't think they work with this helicopter. However, the video recording and photo buttons do work. The instructions are inadequate in that they DON'T tell you all you need to make the camera work with the app. Also they don't mention that as well as the auto take off and land, there is a manual take off. To use it you put the throttle(left) stick up briefly, whereupon the heli blades will start to idle. After that, pushing the throttle stick up will make the heli take off.

Laurie 27/01/2023
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