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Panx I powered it on by connecting it to a 12VDC /1.4Ampere power supply. Just connect the Red & the Yellow cables together to the + positive terminal of the Dc power supply and the Black cable to the - negative terminal of the power supply.

Panx 01/08/2020
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D: When exactly it'll be in stock?

Domandata da Panx il 2020-08-18 06:35:07

ZuoYOU Isn't it possible to purchase with an order now?

2020-08-19 09:53:37 Utile (0)
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D: Is it new or used?

Domandata da Panx il 2020-05-10 02:21:03

Nora new.

2020-06-02 01:49:29 Utile (1)
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D: What's the warranty?

Domandata da Panx il 2020-05-12 10:25:26

Nora 1 year warranty.

2020-06-01 11:27:53 Utile (1)
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Panx This is instant water heater. You turn it on when you need hot water, it's tankless so it doesn't keep hot water inside.

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