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D: how can i install a TBS crossfire nano rx on the cloud-149?

Domandata da MasterSakou il 2019-12-25 06:22:30

alvinmcapalad it comes with a diagram

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D: will it bind with my dx9 Taranis controller?

Domandata da janniskininis il 2022-02-13 04:36:27

alvinmcapalad technicallyit should, but you know frsky the like to lock in protocols for no particular reason, making it difficult for end-users.

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D: fit attitude v5?

Domandata da Blind il 2022-02-11 03:58:48

alvinmcapalad Yes,but not a perfect fit.

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D: can this fit to dominator v3?

Domandata da Len Titus il 2022-01-14 06:01:11

alvinmcapalad yesit can fit, but since it is specifically for hdo2, the faceplate is not a perfect trim.

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alvinmcapalad 13/04/2020
Some honest feedback on the HDO2s, I thought this would blow the Skyzone 03Os, but it didn't. HDO2s must be paired with the best cameras in the market like the Ratel to take advantage of its screen, anything less, the viewing experience is terrible especially with whoop cameras like Runcam Nano 2, it struggles with the dynamic range and you have to keep playing with the settings to get an optimal viewing experience. The 03Os seems to better handling all ranges of cameras from low to high-end, the dynamic range is better out of the box. In terms of comfort, the HDO2s are really bad, NBD comfort foam is a must. Unless you haven't tried Skyzones, they are really plush and premium. The big advantage of HDO2s are obviously the support for Rapidfire, while the 03O has an adapter for it is not a good solution. My advice only get this when you are into competitive flying or you are flying on bandos and concrete. I also tried using the Orqas and it seems that the HDO2s doesn't hold the same viewing experience when using low to mid-range cameras compared to its competitors, but when using the Ratel they do standout from the rest. Also it doesn't help that it has a larger field of view compared to Orqa and 03Os, with almost the same resolution the pixels are much noticeable. So far the Orqas seem to be the best in my experience. FOV matches the screen size. Youtube reviewers have been reviewing the screens on computer displays which is not a great representative of the human eye because these are zoomed out. But, I can really see the pixels and the lack of dynamic range of the HDO2s. I have to power it up to 63 and brightness up to 13 to fix the dynamic range.
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D: Where can I buy the folding base only, without the rod?

Domandata da alvinmcapalad il 2020-06-22 06:49:27

Riparian not yet

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