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Project_p This is an update to my initial unboxing review, after installing it. The installation manual (only in Chinese) was not 100% accurate and was a little misleading, so you may need someone that knows a thing or two about car audio to help you. Know regarding the subwoofer, it is really a VFM product and I was pleasantly surprised with the audio performance (both quality and power of bass). It really makes a difference and can perform incredibly well consjavascript:;idering the size and specs it has (of course do not expect a similar performance with a classic full sub enclosure and amplifier combo...)

Project_p 27/04/2022
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D: is the bootloader locked?

Domandata da johnkalogerakis il 2020-11-27 02:35:03

Project_p Thebootloaders on all Xiaomi devices are by default locked, but you can easily unlock it officially by contacting Xiaomi's official webpage for it. A quick search on the web will send you in the correct site - forum to learn more.

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