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D: Are this Apa106 F5 ?

Domandata da BG411184026 il 2022-06-20 01:24:39

zvaraf No.It has three LEDs (red, green, blue) in a common case with a common cathode.

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zvaraf Pleaseput the boat into the water! It only works in this case. That's what happened to me too. (Electronics detect the presence of water.)

ChoirulHaq 19/05/2022
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zvaraf Ihave to correct it. I'm so sorry I made a mistake. The operation of the boat can only be tested in water. (Unfortunately, this is not in the description.) "In a dry place" does not give a sign of life. However, it WORKS great in water. Once again, I apologize for writing the wrong feedback the very first time. In summary: This is a great little boat!

zvaraf 12/05/2022
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D: Are they original San Bang model 9051 kn95?

Domandata da Drago il 2020-04-02 03:43:28

zvaraf Possible.It looks like yes.

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