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alexspassions it has a dean's connector, it fits perfectly only the factory 1000 mAh 2s battery, but i tried fitting in a bigger (1600 mAh) 2s and it worked. it would not fit anything above 2000 mAh, in my opinion.

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alexspassions because it is not compatible with the original axle of the 9125, it has different construction. in other words, you must buy a full set of full metal pieces: 2 differentials and one axle. but it is worth it, they are very well constructed and will last longer than the original pieces.

BG171749414 11/11/2021
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D: how much lumens does these have?

Domandata da alexspassions il 2021-11-11 11:05:56

The seller About 4000-5000lumens

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D: how fast is it

Domandata da BG163780433 il 2020-06-24 05:20:33

alexspassions about 19-20 mp\h or 30 km\h on stock 2s battery

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D: what type of connector is on the end

Domandata da BlakeB546 il 2020-04-09 03:59:36

alexspassions 5 pins connector, compatible with xinlehong 9125 rc truck

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D: Battery plug type?

Domandata da BG360360181 il 2020-12-01 02:20:00

alexspassions T plug

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alexspassions 2S lipo, and make sure to have it on high speed mode on the transmitter. You can use a 3s lipo for a short amount of time, but you lose warranty if something goes wrong.

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