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D: how does this item works

Domandata da BG487229625 il 2021-09-11 08:37:15

BG439560405 Cutter works well for my Havanese

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BG439560405 May I find out how long was the delay in shipping to your location? I placed an order as well and seem to be taking very long for the delivery. Where is your location? Thanks!

BG151163843 08/06/2020
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BG439560405 Sorry, have not received my order yet.

2021-02-07 01:45:03 Utile (0)
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D: where's your location?? are in Riyadh Saudi

Domandata da JenelynSailogNa il 2019-03-05 12:54:31

BG439560405 Okay, I am still waiting for arrival. Still have not received my order.

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