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Christopher 2019-04-22 12:36:18
Fantastic Value. This is my 4th aircraft from Volantex since they started building using the plastic fuselage and box steel spar construction. There is not a loser in the bunch and the Phoenix 2400 is no exception. Once you fly (and bounce) one of these times, you will never go back to the brands with the foam fuselage which detonate with every hard landing. You'll still take out props and spinners and even a motor now and then, but the days of gluing the cockpit area back together out of pieces after every nose dork, are over....if you want them to be. Just back from a maiden weekend of sloping this beauty, I had the usual nerves when standing on the lip ready for the first toss...and it simply got right on step flew beautifully. This aircraft has no bad habits. Very difficult to stall and recovers immediately. I set up the flaps for 45 and 90 degree, barn door style full droop flaps and it slows *way* down, great for landings. It does not have quite the performance of the Phoenix EVO 2.6m, which I attribute to the Evo's better aspect ratio and less draggy fuselage. That said, it glies *very* well and is simply a joy to fly. After a couple minutes at the sticks I felt like I'd been flying it for years, very forgiving while still responsive. And the scale look is fantastic. They do a great job at Volantex and the airfoil choice is perfect, on a well executed platform. Two thumbs up, way up. You will not regret this bird of any of it's siblings at V...if it has the plastic fuselage, it is a very nice flying bird. ASW28, the Rangers, Evo, Phoenix, awesome.
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