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D: Due to the GoPro lawsuit, will this be available in the US?

Domandata da PallStar il 2018-08-17 09:06:07

SAB This is a different model and dimensions are different. Lawsuit is specific to "Runcam 3" model. Lawsuit would have to be created for this one, but there are no further similarities between this model and GoPro. (Plus, GoPro has discontinued this design, a new lawsuit can not be filed for discontinued (no longer currently manufactured) products).

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PallStar for those who bunk 4k, 4k is used for post processing purposes. it allows for a cleaner 1080p image. but, for Fpv flight, it's almost negligible due to high speed motion.

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D: Does this provide esc telemetry?

Domandata da PallStar il 2018-06-28 03:54:16

Regnalbob235 It doesn't support telemetry.

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D: hello, what kind of gyro is it? 6xxx or 2xxxx?

Domandata da indy6 il 2018-01-05 11:10:30

PallStar Zooming into the image and sharpening it up, it looks like an MPU-6000

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PallStar If you look closely, these are using Nyloc nuts. The nylon insert is smaller diameter than the aluminum, so it creates a resistance on the shaft. This resistance is strong enough to hold the nut in place under normal conditions. It will only loosen when there is extreme pressures on the prop.

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