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F2BFAI 18/05/2018
Since LED lamps in this model are not (yet?) available in my country, I'd tried my hand at this one. It replaces a TL it was modelled after. Now this calls for some minor modification to the whole set up, you can't just plug in this LED device. A TL has a rather big (igniter) coil in series, you dont want that for a LED lamp. This one requires a clean 230 V supply. All I did was taking the coil out of the circuit, replacing it with a plain, insulated wire. WARNING: do all this work with the mains switched off, you could easily knock yourself out (or worse) when not doing so! As my lamp iss contolled by a motion sensor with a relay, something else in the circuit turned out to be not OK for a LED lamp as well. With the sensor switched on, all was fine, there was roughly 2 times the amount of light I ever had from the TL. Really, really good! But when it switched off after no motion had been detected for a while, the lamp kept flashing faintly and briefly, every 15 seconds or so... After inspection I noticed in the controller there was a capacitor across the realy contacts, leaking enough energy to the lamp thereby storing enough energy, igniting it occasionally. A capacitor like this is meant to suppress sparking at the relaycontacts ( that's what they'll usually do when loaded with a big inductor (coil), But since the coil was taken out, I took out this capacitor as well. Now it's dark when supposed to and there’s a BRIGHT light shining when expected. The warm white I chose is very much like the colour of the previous TL so that's perfectly fine with me. But don't expect a warm, halogen like light. 5 out of 5 points from me for this great lamp!
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