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Schrauber601 16/03/2018
This frame I bought for a spare quad (if I crash my main chameleon), but I was surprised about the performance. My build (photos) weights 326g - a ton lighter than my chameleon (-67g). I used not a single screw or bold from this kit. Part list: - FC+ESC's: Racerstar TattooF4S 30A - 4x RCX NK2204 2400KV FPV Racing Motor - RunCam Sparrow - VTX EWRF E709TM3 5.8G 48CH - Receiver FrSky XSR - Realacc UXII 5.8G 1.6dBi MMCX-90 Degree RHCP Antenna (was a total fail - I wait for a Foxeer pagoda with MMCX now) - Racerstar R5040X3 5040 3-blade propeller With this setup - esp. with the Racerstar propeller - I got a strong audible resonance at 215Hz, mostly at yaw. This a a bit con if you put a action cam on top: A bit jello and a strange sound is the result. I hope with other well balanced propellers this effect gets weaker but it is part of the frame design and my setting with the 5mm spacer. Pros: - not heavy, not fragile - thin arms, wide wheelbase for clean air - low profile, mass (battery) centered along the roll axis - good FPV camera protection, mount for standard cams - 2nd 30.5mm mounting position at the back for a VTX - very good battery position Cons: - strange 215Hz resonance (spacer-arm-spacer assembling) - approx 45° uptilt for a action cam - this frame isn't a racer! 25-30° are better here - no screws for 15mm height - no 28mm standoffs (only 25mm plus 3mm) - no additional "soft" parts like battery-pads, straps, stands... - need for 8mm M3 screws for the motors (5mm arms)! I didn’t crash it hard till today - so I can't tell anything about the robustness.
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