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BG656221615 maybe you allso shuld adjust breaks and so on before using? i allways chech allscrews and bolts, use a little lockthight at the steering. often finds loose screws in the steering. 1 out off 4 is maybe. and it will not hold more then 20km and start feel shitty. all bands out there. only dualtron is really high quality with the wolf king GT pro. buying this. remember to adjust brakes, steering, where you want the accelerator at. you often get a good product. but not designed for stay outside when not in use, you need to oils some parts and check its thighs, and a good pressure in tires if you drive fast is very important as well.. all mine stands in a celler, and works really well. have 1 Laotie TI 30 Landbreaker, after one day battery died totally.. just 2 days after its were delivered.

BG445344043 24/04/2022
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