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BG640051815 2018-06-09 15:38:55
First things first. If you are the kind of person that wants to click one button and everything works perfectly this is not for you. for everybody else its a decent printer. Build time 4 hours, everything you need is provided. Tweaking and getting it to run good took me another 2-4 hours. Things that are great: - Stable frame - Heated bed that provides really good bed adhesion (almost too good) - Complete kit Things that could be better: - The support frame for the y axis is very thin. If you are fighting to remove a print from the bed you can and will bend it slightly. And this means you will have to adjust the bed level again. - My bed wasn't perfectly flat, this can be problematic for larger prints. but is easily solved by using a glass plate or a raft during printing. - the hot end fan is controlled by the cooling fan pwm. This is not OK and I had to change this. If you were to run a print without the cooling fan enabled your hotend will overheat and clog up. I opened the control box and rewired the fan to the 12V rail to be always on. Do change this!! - micro SD slot.... awfull. I had several occations where i tried to push in the sd card and missed the actual port. then you have to open up the control box to get your micro sd card back. Do yourself a favour and get a micro to sd adapter http://tiny.cc/023huy Things to watch out for - spend a little time adjusting all the eccentric bearing bushings. too much pressure causes them to wear quickly - print yourself a filament guide to prevent the filament from touching the Z axis. - don't try to print too fast, the extruder will be your limiting factor here, you could consider upgrading this. All in all, not too bad, not too bad at all Cheers!
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BG640051815 2018-12-27 16:44:31
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