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Ali123 24/02/2022
Got it from CZ in a couple of days. Box looked pretty beaten from transport but scooter was well protected with thick pieces of Polyethylene foam. Only front disk was little bent but I straightened it. Some screws were tight, some loose. I also had to set disk calipers because they were rubbing. First time I tested it the road was wet and I got water and road dirt all over my legs and back from the rear tyre. I fixed that with a piece of anti slip drawer liner going 5cm over the edge of rear mudguard taping it with double sided tape. With one motor it acts similar to Xiaomi but with two motors it goes crazy. It feels like it tripples its power. I tested it on a steep hill, where I have to put my car in 1. gear and scooter goes without a problem. On higher speeds you can feel tyre wobble but it`s ok up to 40-45km/h. I read that even 2500€ scooters have this problem. The P08 is set to 84 from factory which is 84% power maybe to protect controllers and motors. I like this setting so I can set it to 30-40 for my 8 year old son if he drives it. Lights are ok for others to see you and if you only drive in well lighted urban areas. I use Convoy c8 with mount until I get Astrolux bl03 which has wider beam. Charger is 1.5a so it takes around 12h to completely charge it but it has 2 charging ports and you can get another charger for 15€ so it takes only 6h. Charger gets quite hot so I put a fan beside it. Eabs brakes are great set to 3 out of 5 and I use actual disks only going from very steep hills or to completely stop. Suspension is very good for jumping from the sidewalk, driving in the woods...
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