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NegusAmorphous The gray print is the color of the NEW remanufactured batteries, orange print is the old 4-5 years ago YOU DON'T WANT orange, the yellow drone has Three batteries! the one in the original box with drone has ALL orange writing and Won't hold a charge! the two other batteries in separate boxes have Grey writing and Will hold a charge and fly about 5 minutes NEW remanufactured Grey batteries. hope this helps because I have 12pcs. S6 app is on APK site and you need an OLD PHONE to run APK, only fly outside with GPS and I have R6 WIFI controller and Graham Cooper's blog page to help with APK / app and knowledge of S6!! Hope this helps

andyr 25/09/2018
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D: where where can I fined the fly app?

Domandata da MarcoPolo il 2022-06-28 08:24:35

NegusAmorphous Google Wingsland S6 APK download or graham-cooper for the flight controller upgrade and camera upgrade and lot's of info about S6

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