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derrickm2012 I honestly have to see a teardown of your laptop so as to know if it has either an NGFF or Mini PCI-E Wi-Fi LAN card. Please show us an image of your laptop after opening the access door underneath it. But if I would make an educational guess, since your laptop was manufactured before 2015 and in this link en.accessoires-asus.com(SLASH)r501jr-63444-56385.htm I notice that under "WiFi board" your laptop uses a Mini PCI-E slot for that, then based on this information I’d say your laptop is compatible but you'll still have to verify for yourself first.Moving forward, the manufacturers of the eGPU say it's not compatible with Nvidia GTX 10xx series but in some online videos www.youtube.com(SLASH)watch?v=PJabK8TfyOA, it's proven to work with even GTX 1060, so GTX 1070 should work as well but not GTX 1050 or GTX 1050 TI. In addition, GTX 980 TI goes head-to-head with GTX 1070 in terms of performance, though nothing below GTX 1080 can beat GTX 1080 (unless we're talking about SLI versions).DISCLAIMER: Modifications to your system or using your system in a way that the manufacturer did not intend will likely invalidate any warranty you have. Otherwise hope you'll have fun building your laptop into an intensive GPU rig for gaming.

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