D: this inverter is pure sine wave support 500w fan

Domandata da BG444734955 il 2021-09-26 19:19:55

Teotiltil no ... it is modified sine wave and i don't think that will work with 500w fan.

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Teotiltil when a photovoltaic is working the max actual power is calculated at the max voltage that can produce max amperage. And all of this at 1000cd per m2 irritation. for example this photovoltaic can not exceed 60-65w. i would be actual super happy if i could see around 50w in real conditions. i can predict that in normal conditions would produce about 15v X 2.5A 30-35w max.... Open voltages are useless except to prevent some electronics burning. when the photovoltaic is work the voltage drops significantly.

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D: Black when?

Domandata da CØXMINØX 2020 il 2018-08-11 22:48:49

Teotiltil I don't think that you can buy it any more

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