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  • 04/11/2015

    After some searching, I thought this information might be useful. I asked Banggod if I could stop the display from switching between time-temperature-date-day, and they replied no, that is not possible. Well, good news: IT IS POSSIBLE. I first soldered P3.6 and P3.7 to GND, which indeed did not change anything. I left them soledered (si I did not remove), and I soldered P1.4 to GND. This already made the display switch only between time and temperature (so no more date and day). I then soldered P1.3 as well, and TADAA, no more switching.

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  • 11/11/2015

    При установке минут часы продолжают идти и секунды не устанавливаются в «ноль». В остальном часы очень даже хороши. В темноте автоматически снижают яркость до минимума, показывают температуру, которую можно поднастроить. Режим работы часов по умолчанию такой: 45 секунд показывают время, 5 сек - температуру, 5 сек - месяц/число и 5 сек - день недели (цифрой). Режим отображения часов легко менять, соединяя выводы 6 и 7 микроконтроллера с землей (по отдельности или вместе). Чтобы часы не были сверхъяркими, при сборке рекомендую заменить комплектные 8 резисторов 330 ом (510 ом) на резисторы 3.3 килоома, тогда яркость будет приемлемой и комфортной для восприятия. Точность часов очень даже хороша, -1 сек/сутки. При наличии свободного времени и желания, можно настроить еще точнее. Если соединить P1.4 и GND, часы будут показывать 55 секунд время и 5 секунд температуру. Если соединить P1.3 и GND, часы показывают 50 секунд время, 5 секунд месяц/число, 5 секунд день недели. Если подключить и P1.4 и P1.3 к GND, часы будут показывать только время.

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  • 01/12/2016

    This is all through-hole so is great for beginners or just for some soldering practice. The instructions, although somewhat poorly translated, were adequate. BE CAREFUL! The firmware on supplied MCU is programmed to enable the DS1302 RCT's trickle charge function but the kit is supplied with a non-rechargeable CR1220 lithium battery. This could result in undesirable results from the battery..... You should modify the circuit to put a diode in series with the battery or use a super capacitor rated for 5V instead.

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  • 17/07/2015

    Паяльник в руках не держал уже больше 10 лет... И тут в просторах интернета набрел на это чудо. Решил заказать... Доставка до СПб заняла чуть меньше месяца. Посылка очень хорошо упакована, все компоненты на месте, даже есть небольшой запас по резисторам и крепежным винтикам)) Качество платы очень хорошее! Паять одно удовольствие, правда нужно приноровиться, так как компоновка очень плотная. Часы рабочие и очень симпатично смотрятся, стильно)) Покупкой остался доволен. Планирую еще приобрести данный товар, от друзей пошли заказы)) Рекомендую!

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  • 13/12/2016

    Hi, the clock works like the picture. 2nd digit. Where can I be wrong. My guess is the STC15W404 is faulty. Where can I find the new one? Thank you

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  • 18/07/2021

    Questo è stato un grande progetto. il mio primo orologio in assoluto. purtroppo le istruzioni erano in cinese, così ho dovuto scramble per cercare le istruzioni in inglese, ma ancora meglio ho trovato un video di YouTube di un orologio molto simile a questo. Quindi, con la guida di YouTube e l'aver ricevuto qualche suggerimento dalle recensioni delle persone sono riuscito a metterla insieme con successo.

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  • 26/06/2021

    Bom kit, fácil de montar, muito divertido e útil. Para quem tiver pouco conhecimento é só assistir o vídeo. Convém ter uma ponta de ferro de solda fina. Good kit, easy to assemble, very fun and useful. For those with little knowledge, just watch the video. It is a good idea to have a fine soldering iron tip.

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  • 25/04/2015

    I have both red and blue kits. Assembly was fast and easy without any missing or faulty components. Both were working correctly but temperature was reading about 3 degrees high. I soldered a 120K resistor in parallel with R16 to bring the value down a bit. (top 10K near thermistor) It's now reading temperature correctly. 100k would work too, it depends on how high your reading. The LDR is very sensitive, if display is not dimming due to stray light I would point it down a bit or shield it slightly with a small length of heat shrink or drinking straw. Both of mine were working correctly pointing straight back.

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  • 05/10/2015

    This is really a very nice clock. I build the one with red displays, it is perfect to use in the bedroom. The dimming function works fine, in the dark the displays are dimmed to a minimum, but still good visible. Some remarks: The manual mentions to display the week (expecting something in the range 1..52) but in real it is a weekday (1..7). The manual mentions P3.6 and P3.7 grounding options to set the display mode, but these options do not work. The display always show the time for 45 seconds, then the temperature, the date and the weekday. Take care when mounting the 7-segment displays: sometimes they are floating above the pcb due to the soldering you did on the reverse side. Best method is to solder 1 pin in the upper row and 1 pin in the lower row. Repeat for all 4 displays (do not forget to mount display #3 upside down), then adjust if needed and solder the other pins. And finally... when you power up the clock for the first time, do not forget to perform a master reset (press both keys for 5 seconds) otherwise the clock may show very strange behaviour.

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  • 09/05/2015

    I wrote the detailed review Написал подробный обзор В обзоре все подробно расписал с фотками

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