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  • 02/10/2017

    The GPS is amazing! I can get satellites in the basement of my 100 year old 3 story home sometimes! Outside, satellites lock quickly and remain rock-solid. Typically 12-14 satellites. The compass orientation took some fussing. When you mount the antenna up (which you should be doing, the compass is flipped. Therefore, be sure to set the compass orientation to FLIP. Further, the orientation is sideways! So, you need to set the compass orientation in your flight controller configurator to "CW 270 Flip" if the wires are towards the back of your craft. If you mount it so the wires are to the front, you need to set the compass orientation to "CW 90 Flip". After this and compass calibration, everything is perfect. I hope this saves some time for someone out there.

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  • 15/02/2017

    Frame - Flight conroller - Motor - ESC -

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  • 11/07/2017

    Use with my F450 setup and Inav1.7 Flight conroller - Motor - Propeller - ESC -

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  • 29/03/2016

    I bought this GPS unit to replace my broken CX-20 stock GPS (open-source version). The GPS came securely packed inside a protective bag with foam, together with a cable and an extra socket. No damages in transport. Banggood sent it in one day after placing the order on 14-Mar-2016 and it arrived in Hellas on 28-Mar-2016. Amazing! This GPS fits perfectly in the CX-20 GPS puck (where the compass usually is) and installation is pretty simple: - use the stock GPS cable (6-pins on GPS side, 4 pins on FC side) to connect the CX-20 APM Flight Controller regarding the GPS connection. - to use the built-in compass, with a small screwdriver remove the two middle cables from the stock compass socket and insert them to the empty slots on the 6-pin GPS socket according to the product picture (the SDA and SDL lines). The APM flight controller immediately detected it and I constantly get 16-19 satellites where with the stock the maximum I could get was 9. HDOP is much lower also, usually on 0.8- 1.1 range. I am very pleased with this item and the whole buying experience. The CX-20 works perfect now in Loiter mode and it is the best simple upgrade one can do for this quadcopter. Highly recommended.

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  • 15/07/2020

    Ottimo piccolo GPS per il tuo quad. Non ho ancora volato con esso, ma collegato e sembra funzionare bene. Il primo avvio richiede un po 'di tempo per ottenere la sua saturazione, ma dopo che acquisisce saturazione molto rapidamente. Il magnetometro funziona immediatamente. Quando si imposta, abilitare il GPS in betaflight, utilizzare il protocollo UBLOX e controllare la velocità di trasmissione predefinita. Pensare che fosse 38400. Se l'hai collegato correttamente, dovrebbe funzionare. L'unico motivo per cui ha perso una stella per qualità è perché i fili con cui viene fornito sono fili rivestiti di plastica a buon mercato. Questo rende molto difficile dirigere la saldatura al controller di volo senza scioglierli. A parte questo, è un'unità molto piccola.

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  • 31/07/2019

    angeschlossen (erstmal zum Test), in Betaflight konfiguriert und funktioniert😎 was will man(n) mehr👍🏽 connected, configured in Betaflight and works😎👍🏽 what more do you want🤪

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  • 28/09/2018

    As usual, no marking stating which way to point this, would it not be easy to screen print the top? Also, why are the led's always on the side of the board that is pointed down when the GPS is fixed? It would be so much better if the LED's were visible in normal use, However, it is accurate, easy to set up and the Banggood website has good information.

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  • 16/04/2018

    used in 4 builds now on omnibus F4 pro with inav

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  • 31/03/2018

    La verdad que coge en seguida los satélites e incluso dentro de casa...

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  • 06/06/2016

    Особенности эксплуатации: хорошая чувствительность, сверхбыстрый фикс, в том числе в помещениях, удобная, хоть и не во всем очевидная настройка приема GPS, Glonas и прочих спутников через прогу от Ublox. Внутри M8N Ublox, компас, шим-стабилизатор 3.3В и uart. Максимальная частота обновления данных GPS/Glonas, работающая устойчиво - 5 Гц, скорость порта для гарантированной работы 38400. Слабая микросхема стабилизатора 3.3 В, по току на пределе работает. На одном таком модуле уже поменял на аналог другого производителя, хотя дальше лабораторного стола этот модуль еще не летал. Тем не менее, конкурентов по цене/качеству пока не знаю. По работе компаса замечаний нет, только провода и контакты по шине I2C должны быть без малейшего изъяна. Рекомендую (с учетом возможной необходимости прямых рук).

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