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  • 01/06/2016

    The manual is as others has said not very good. Therefore I have made two images that will describe the most basic. One of them is information from the CD, the other is information found on the net. Search for "ipcamtalk top-201" and you will find a good forum. I got Top-201 but the descripton shows Top-308. Don't know the difference, but 201 is good. It has no IR capability, but the low light sensitivity is very good. Infact better than a cheap D-link with IR, except in complete darkness (indoors). I believe my camera has a IR-block filter even if the description says not. It is possible to stream to VLC and grab snapshots. See image. I use it together with iSpy softare that is free. If you use IPCamviewer (android) on your local network, use these settings: Make : Unknown Brand Model : DVR-9008HV TCP Port : 34567 (default setting) Channel :1 Remember to add IP-address and user /password as well. Information found at ipcamtalk. I have bought one more camera, so I am satisfied.

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  • benVIP3

    the good- - small formfactor, very affordable - good picture quality, good vari-focal lens, no noticeable distortion - ir filter is glued to the sensor for natural daylight colors, but does limit night vision. - 8.4v adapter works fine (less dissipation) the bad- - for serious surveillance, spend some more money. - changing the fixed ip address is troublesome- i did not succeed. be carefull changing network settings- there is no reset button to restore the ip-connection. - change the settings preferably with 'onvif device manager'. - you can view video /change settings with i-explorer only, running on active-x.

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  • 16/07/2016

    I purchase two and have been pleasantly surprised. They're hanging in there. Manual focus allows up close sharp images, otherwise full open is infinity. Get slightly warm after days of operating 24/7. A nice PoE injector and splitter, a couple of cat 5 cables and the included software is excellent! Network affect is nil. H.254 Codec makes the camera stream impossible to tell any difference to the network activity overall. Not a bad first camera.

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  • 28/10/2017

    Спасибо , камера хорошего качества ! Доставка быстрая , хоть и без трек номера . Товар советую к приобретению .

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  • 03/08/2016

    Камера простенькая но оптика весьма хорошая, соотношение цена качество просто суперское. Самое главное данную карту можно подружить с сервисом айвидеон.

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  • 22/01/2017

    Mini IP camera with adjustable focus and zoom. I'm still trying to make it work on my Win 10 driven computer :(. Soon it's gonna work well!!

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  • 26/06/2016

    Get ONVIF Device Manager software at . Use std. 12-volt dc hard drive power supply, ring ground, center +12v. Change IP address of your computer to the 192.168.1.* range. Connect through router. Run ONVIF after camera powered, it will find it. Login and enjoy. You can now change ip address of camera. Or watch with VLC, enter Network: rtsp:// Or used supplied software – that works too. Very good, high-end IP camera, may be too complex for some. Docs would help out a lot, but hey, this is China who needs those? In any case, many thanks to the hard-working, underpaid Chinese engineers and production staff that designed and produced this fantastic, full-featured, state-of-the-art camera. It is ridiculously under priced. And just to be clear, that was not a sarcastic comment. Con: Bad marketing types in China for thinking we Western people have no need for documentation and It does get a bit warm and I hope that it will continue working.

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  • 10/01/2018

    The camera has a good price considering the lens on it. Product is good and works properly considering what promised, looks solid and properly assembled. Image result clean also with limited light. BUT You can't use it properly if you are not a windows user. if you use Linux like me web interface don't works (pay attention, in no place is declared it works with it!). This is a problems common to many many cameras, I hate (a little) most of Chinese camera maker for this reasons. Put Linux inside to your camera and make it not working with it looks me very stupid. The CD contains info just in Chinese :-(. If you are a Chinese Windows user it is a very good product for you, if you are not it is not the one for you. Anyway I don't have problem, I bought it as subject for experiment, I want to try to hack it :-) The zoom don't works as you can suppose looking the image, the external ring is the focus, the smaller don't move at all. You can zoom moving the lens and then fix the focus. Also the SOC inside looks (need to check is is different just the name) be not the one on advertising. it is XM510A1 instead of HI3518C. Size is indicated as 31 x 31, but also 38 x 38. The last one is the right one for PCB, case is about 42 x42. I will let you know if is possible hack it !! :-)

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  • haddad

    The 1st impression is that the camera is too big to be called mini. Its body is 42x42x23mm. The accompanying CD was defective and I was sent the software by email, but it refused to install on my Windows 10 Pro 64 desktop system. I managed to install it on another system also running the same Windows, but I was unable to find what was wrong with the install process on my desktop. Once up and running on the original software I could successfully configure iSpy to use it. The camera image could be good if the CCD was not stained, probably by inadequate handling during assembling. The second time I powered the system up the camera image was reddish and still is. I don't know if it can be corrected.

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  • 17/03/2017

    These work alright, you need to use the supplied software to change the web interface language from Chinese. Image quality is a little better than an analogue camera, just the colours look a little strange under natural light due to lack of IR filter. ONVIF port is 8899, works fine with Milestone NVR software.

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