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BG514817142 06/02/2021
Really impressed as to how fast this rc car is. Knocking down a star because they should remove the programming card from the advertisement photos if not included in the purchase, and holes where you line up the shell don't line up to the mounts, had to trim the shell and elongate one of the holes to make it fit correctly. Box was pretty beat up from shipping, car was not damaged but box had holes from damage. ESC is different than the one in the website photos, looks like it was upgraded, nice fan for cooling. Servo is painfully slow, but works just fine. Will be updating that in the near future. Also comes with 3800KV brushless motor. Remote has basic tuning functions, it does require a whopping 8 batteries to function. Haven't been able to test max range yet, overall descent for model and price. Comes with an 3S Lipo battery - 11.1V 3300mah and a charger for both S2 and S3 Lipo. Quick warning if you live in the USA, this only comes with a European plug, will need to replace in order to use. Workmanship is really good, composite is a little sharp on the edges, aside from that it looks great. You can adjust camber and toe on front wheels, but drives straight from factory. HOWEVER, I'm afraid to break it as I don't know the strength on the composite vs plastic and/or metal on other RCs. I'll only use this for speed projects until I feel more comfortable for bashing on ramps. In the meantime, I'm taking it apart to check the diffs for lube and to make sure all bolts are on tight. Until next purchase.....
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  • nlhier you should never actually use those charges that come whit it but for the people who are just comming into this hobby i gues it is fine however i do have some questions do you know what lube i need for the diffs can you actually buy spare parts and how fast does it go thank you in advance if anyone does see this

    Risposta 12/05/2021
  • Matt So, I watched Kevin Talbot's video on this rc car, and it turns out you should be able to get the majority, of not, all the parts you need off of banggood, as well as another buggy shares many parts with it, so upgrades shouldn't be too big of a problem

    Risposta 06/08/2021
  • DEROCK401 Don't need to replace the charger plug cuz you should not use that charger anyway and get a proper lipo charger.

    Risposta 20/09/2021
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