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D: how to save video to the cloud

Domandata da kostas il 2021-08-11 06:34:34

The seller Hello, you need to purchase cloud services in the APP

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BG322423453 Hallo, ich nutze die cloud nicht ,ist mir zu teuer . Ich nutze eine 64 gb sd und bin zufrieden

2022-02-05 06:16:11 Utile (0)
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Imam_S insert sd card, install icsee, follow the instructions sir. if you have successfully connected online, there will automatically be a free cloud notification.

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D: why it does not give me a month of free cloud?

Domandata da kostas il 2021-08-12 06:11:14

BG552222521 take your SD card out of it then turn on it will give you option

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