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owormichael this equipment is damn enjoyable when paired with another. it's why I bought another after I received the first one. excellent stuff!!!!

owormichael 04/01/2022
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owormichael it depends on country's customs. I paid no extra cost and all my items have been received with no extra cost.

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D: How much is it in Saudi riyals

Domandata da BG135842171 il 2021-02-04 03:01:12

owormichael it's about 627 when I bought it. but could be less now.

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D: please clarify sound output powers of all speakers. Thanks

Domandata da Swmkhwr Goyary il 2021-08-03 03:54:13

owormichael the speaker is excellent and very powerful, especially if paired with another vis TWS function

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