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lehellaz Search on the net, you can dismantle it, if not exactly this model, but you will surely find a similar one

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D: Quite expensive item. Does it come with rc parts inside ?

Domandata da marcoluc il 2022-01-10 03:41:02

BG544214108 nuits and lock pin its small

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BeardedViking The stock battery in the Xiaomi Jimny is a 500mAh 3,7V. This one is 2.200mAh, so more than four times what the stock battery holds. Should give well over an hour of run time, compared to 20-30 minutes on the stock battery.

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D: Would it fit my 1/16 Xiaomi Suzuki Jimny ?

Domandata da marcoluc il 2022-01-11 07:40:34

anthonysam 🤷

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D: Wich regular controller can I use?

Domandata da BG124351155 il 2020-10-12 04:49:43

marcoluc youoperate it from the android or iphone app.

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