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soelberg 21/11/2018
The clock comes with Chinese as a standard !! impossible to get it to english as only a chinese manual follows. searching online and finding out that the only way i can get the clock from chinese to english is if i change my phone's default language to english not only should it be english it should be us english. The clock will therefore only work with English text forward when the phone is set to English as the default. I do not use the following to change to my local language. There is no place to make phone set as standard. Have had other clocks where there has been no problem using Danish as a language. have received other watches where they were posted to English at reception and there was an English manual with. think it's so big a mistake that it's not lit up anywhere and a very big mistake that an English manual does not follow that explains how to change language. I can not be the only one in Europe, for example, with another language as a standard language. I'm really disappointed and especially over banggood over the part with missing manual in English and missing information on the website around this issue. The clock works fine so far, just have the problem that it is not made for markets where the phone standart is not the language of the clock. It is also not possible to enter and read the last messages once they are read, they are immediately deleted. has read that if a phone is in a message, there will be no message on the clock that there is a message. Therefore, if your phone has an open message message but is located somewhere else, there will be no message. a big mistake from my point of view. if I could have given stars based on how the clock works in everyday life it would have got 0.5 star. really disappointed so if you're bad at English, it's not a watch that's worth buying, since you have to change the phone's default language.
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