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D: è compreso il caricatore ?

Domandata da BG561110231 il 2021-09-23 09:03:40

carsil501 Yes

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D: is it work in South Africa?

Domandata da Mutshidzi Gandini il 2018-11-16 03:27:52

carsil501 Produtofora de venda

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carsil501 Painel de baixa capacidade. Não tem os 80 W anunciados. Não é próprio para este uso.

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D: black protective hard cover?

Domandata da Tyson Leboho il 2018-10-06 01:08:17

carsil501 No

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carsil501 24/10/2021
Banggood and Blitzwolf: a strong duo with efficient delivery and the highest quality product. The BW-TS-6 Cell Phone Fill Light Holder is made of aluminum alloy structure, it is foldable, making it a reasonable size to carry in your bag wherever you go. The brightness is very good, it has 46 LEDs, 23 of which are warm light and 23 are cold light. At the top it has an on/off button plus color intensity and temperature buttons that can be adjusted according to your activity or personal taste, going from bright white to warm light. It has multiple angle adjustment, so you can find the best angle. The mobile phone holder has a non-slip and scratch-resistant silicone protection. The base also has anti-slip protection, making the product very stable. It doesn't come with a power supply, but it can be charged with any standard 5v/1 or 2A power supply. Comes with a micro USB to USB cable used for charging wich have a good lenght, around 1 meter. It has a battery of 3.7 volts and 1000 mAh which gives us a great autonomy. It has a battery status indicator on the top, behind the led panel, so we can monitor battery charging, and when in use, how much battery is left. We can use it for various purposes. Great for video chats, product presentations, taking photos to share with your friends, very handy to make tutorial videos like makeup, online classes and anything else your imagination can create. We can use it as a desk light in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, or wherever we want. Very useful when traveling as it is portable, foldable and easy to carry. We can even use it as an emergency light. The fill light can be easily detached from the support, as it is fixed with a screw, so the illuminator can be used on other supports such as tripods. I intend to use the light stand to photograph objects and record short videos with the smartphone to share with family and friends. The product is very versatile because it has many uses. I recommend the product. Great quality.
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