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transferx 14/02/2021
I got the T.SK105A.03 board and tried it with two 1280x800 resolution panels which are Chunghwa CLAA154WA05AN and LG-Philips LP154W01-TLD4. Upgraded to the latest firmware (20201223_230526). Service menu is triggered with MENU+1147 combination. With default configuration the screen was flickering and colors were defect. From the service menu I had to change Panel settings to get correct view. I got the best results with the following LVDS parameters; Swing Data: 0 Swing CLK: 15 Type For CPS: 6 MAP: JEIDA Color Depth: 6 bit CLAA154WA05AN panel worked seamlessly. But, when I have tried with LP154W01 panel, there was a significant flickering. I have discovered that playing with EMC settings I was able to reduce flickering but the problem was still there. EMC settings I have used: DRAM SSC: 0% DRAM Span: 16.6K LVDS SSC: -3.5% LVDS Span: 16.6K Thus, I have concluded it was not possible to fix the problem by changing parameters from the service menu. When I touch or move the lvds cable, flickering on the screen was changing, so the problem was physical. In the Q&A part, people mostly say to buy the correct lvds cable for similar problems. Both panels are 1ch 6-bit. But the cable that comes with the package is 2ch 6-bit, so I have removed unused second channel pins (according to panel datasheet and comparing 1ch and 2ch cable pictures from the Banggood product pages) from the connector, and bingo! There is no more flickering. I guess the unused pins were causing extra interference. You can see details in the pictures. This way you can easily convert a 2ch cable to a 1ch cable. HDMI works normally. We still have some analog channels on our CATV line here and analog TV performance is pretty good. Sound is clear on earphone output. Channel list and some other settings can be backed up to the flash disk or imported vice versa using the service menu. Remote control is full size and useful. IR signal reception is strong, remote control is easily detected from different angels.
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D: Is there FM radio? (üründe FM radyo var mı?)

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