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D: Does it have a brushless motor? Can it use 18v Makita batterues?

Domandata da David il 2021-08-28 04:44:01

Dimitris_V yes yoy can but yoy have not max. power Battery Voltage: 32V Max

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D: can you suggest some battery for this instrument?

Domandata da peppepegasus il 2021-05-26 11:18:00

Dimitris_V E.g:Makita(BL1840)、Makita(BL1840B)、Makita(BL1850B)、Makita(BL1850)、Makita(BL1860B)etc.

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D: what is the the difference between type A

Domandata da Dimitris_V il 2021-05-22 12:41:52

Chompwas Different Price!

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D: Will this work in Greece?Does it only support 2g?

Domandata da Stefanos il 2021-03-27 10:37:40

Dimitris_V Ναι δουλευει μια χαρα στην Ελλαδα. Ειναι οτι καλυτερο σε μπαταρια εχω παρει. Yes it work in Greece

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