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D: Does each work separately?

Domandata da BG810182201 il 2022-09-19 04:23:55

bg931989 yes..there is not master and slave..you just pic any earphone you want

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bg931989 you should check your country's telecommunication bands and choose the right version. usually is the global version

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D: is this original?

Domandata da Budz365781 il 2022-09-07 05:17:44

bg931989 yes, but is the Chinese version.. although they work globally

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D: Is there NFC in the version that comes to Hungary?

Domandata da BG638332518 il 2021-09-07 11:01:52

bg931989 yes if you order the global version

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D: como funciona eso de la compra en grupo?

Domandata da Hector luevano il 2021-07-08 10:18:46

bg931989 you participate to a group with one or more persons that want to buy the product and you get the price that the group buy says..you have to make the order from the group button!

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D: quanto tempo dura a bateria?

Domandata da ytrewq100 il 2020-07-03 08:40:02

bg931989 1.5-2 days,depends on usage.

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