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D: Will this keyboard be available in other colors?

Domandata da zank153 il 2021-10-21 02:30:52

Jack Garrand it is available here on BG in other colors. if you do a banggood product search for LK67 and you will find the build kits in choice of color, as well as colorful pre built models.

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D: are these pre-lubed?

Domandata da BG920523247 il 2023-04-28 04:03:01

Jack Garrand Yes, they are lubed pretty good. I find them well enough.

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D: i need to build it??

Domandata da itzragnirbruh2 il 2019-12-02 10:40:30

Jack Garrand This is not for the keyboard seen in the picture. This is for the key CAPS only. this is not a pre-made or self built kit. This is the caps you would need to put over your mechanical switches with the letters and such on them. CAPS ONLY!

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D: Is this openline? Can I use this worldwide?

Domandata da Steph il 2021-05-23 07:33:36

Jack Garrand This is not attached to a specific carrier and comes as unlocked. I've heard good things about T Mobil in the USA. but it is not carrier specific.

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Jack Garrand@chessimo this isn't an item one would use to fill 4 tires with. this is for topping off slow leaks, or putting air in your tire after you've patched it. .... but 4 full tires? that's the job of a fullsize air compressor. in sure this could get it done... eventually.. but it would be a lot of wear n tear on a relatively small handy machine

Lúcio Santos 23/10/2020
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Jack Garrand it seems the digital is easy to use.. however the people who bought the analog unit appear to be having issues with getting it to run continuously.

BG377111032 10/09/2020
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