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Charlie Well here\'s a Follow up, it\'s 21st May 2020 and the Shaver is still in fine condition, does a great Job and is so easy to clean it\'s a game. having a Shave. Thanks again Banggood. Come visit sometime. https://www.facebook.com/groups/209899832163

Charlie 16/10/2018
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D: What is the rotating speed of the disk?

Domandata da BG441054452 il 2021-04-03 04:28:03

Charlie 30,000rpm, Fast enough to slash 2mtr bull grass and takes 10 seconds to slow down to stop. A great little machine but the safety guard needs to be attached better, I used Super Glue after the plastic lug holding the Guard from turning, wore through. Should just have a Fixed guard instead.

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