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Andyg The board uses the battery for the current source. The condition and state of battery charge make a huge difference to the performance. The total resistance of the loop from battery + to the welding tips back to the - battery terminal must be very low or the current will be insufficient to provide a good weld. The short leads supplied are about all the circuit resistance the system can stand. Ensure that the contacts are clean and the terminals to the battery are good and tight. You can try clamping 1 probe directly to the battery terminal and the second to the strip, the heat buildup is then guaranteed to be between the strip and the terminal. This system is resistance welding so if the clamping force applied to the probes is too great the resistance is too low and no heat is generated, there is a sweet spot between too little tip pressure where the probe blows holes in the strip and too much pressure when the current passes around the loop and no heat is generated at the joint. With a simple setup like this practice makes perfect, stick at it because it can be made to work very well.

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