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xman12 25/05/2022
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xman12 I had some bad experience with this Sensor but the reason is the creality Firmware. If you "live set" the Z- offset during printing you should not do this! if you allready set an value and want to change it during printing, let it be!!! The Firmware do not change the printinghead by the delta but by the absolute value! So if you change the value by -0,05mm eg. from -2,2 mm to -2,25mm the head moves !!!-2,25mm!!! and scratches the glasbed. Also I had some Bltouch error where the glasbed bend the Pin of the BlTouch because it do not retract the Pin sometimes. I changed to JYer Firmware and never go back to creality's Firmware.This was my Experience with Firmware "Ender-3 V2-Marlin-2.0.1-HW-4.2.2-mainboard-V1.1.2-Compatible with BLTouch and filament detection"

xman12 14/06/2021
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D: Does this have a CE-certificate?

Domandata da BG121461441 il 2022-04-01 12:57:26

xman12 Mein Gerät hat kein CE Zeichen, wofür auch? Selbst wenn eines aufgedruckt ist hat das keinerlei Bedeutung. Jeder kann das CE Zeichen aufkleben aber versuchen sie mal den chinesischen Hersteller dafür zu belangen wenn das Gerät doch nicht CE-Conform ist.

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D: Hi. Does need changing an element within the mechanism by using it?

Domandata da Kostarellosbill il 2022-03-13 10:47:06

xman12 I don't know what you asking for. First, I have the radiation counter not there, it should last more than 2 weeks till it is there. Second, if you mean the GeigerMüller tube, look at the description of the radiation counter, there is listed which GM-Tube is used.

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D: What is the closest focusing distance?

Domandata da erberes il 2020-11-03 09:21:12

xman12 I can't answer this because I do not get the device until now. I have to wait another week, I fear. Non posso rispondere perché non ho ricevuto il dispositivo fino ad ora. Devo aspettare un'altra settimana, temo. Sorry this is translated with google-translator :-)

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D: Does it work? Does it come with data? May be useless

Domandata da BG439531495 il 2021-11-19 02:07:31

xman12 I want to use this thing for an weathersensor later and I do not use it till now. Its is possible that you have to flash the Firmware first to use this product. For arduino you have to flash the ESP8266 NonOS SDK or ESP8266_RTOS_SDK.I bought many ESP01S moduls at amazon in the past and many of them were not flashed and not usable in the delivering state. After I flashed the ESP8266 NonOS SDK Firmware all of them are working. I have no experience with the ESP8266_RTOS_SDK, not tested it yet.

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xman12 04/06/2021
My intend to purchase this „Aluminium Dual Gear/drive Extruder Kit“ was to go arround the problem with the filament is touching the x-axis motorspindle. Everybody should know that Ender do an design fault to mount the extruder stepper so close to the Z-Axis motorspindle! When its touching it the filament will transport the grease into the extruder. Since this filament-drive has smaller gears than the original, my hope was that the filament has an greater distance to motor spindle, but it were only arround 1,7mm more distance. Additionally you can’t use the second Air pipe holder because it is much to fat and touches also the motorspindle. So I still has to use an Silicon tube to protect the filament, so it fails in this manner. Because of the smaller gears you have some disadvantages over the original filament drive. 1. The pressure to the filament is greater per mm² ! So I fear that the PLA will break if the pressure will last for an longer time of standby time. I use the old spring to reduce the pressure by a little ammount. The better choice were to do not change the diameter but use the dual gears. 2. Since the gear on the steppermotor has fewer diameter you have to change the ammount of steps to an higher value. I messure the old diameter 10,96mm the new diameter is 7,45mm. Since the old steps should be 96 steps (I do not confirm that yet) I calculate 10,96mm/7,45mm * 96Step = 136,816 Steps other reviewers talk about 139Steps. 3. It can be but that is not sure or tested yet. Because of the much higher step count it is possible that the stepper motor is a little louder than before. Since I have silent steppers I expect not much difference. 4. You can’t use the blue transport wheel anymore to manually transport the filament to the extruder. The axle of the Steppermotor is to short to mount the wheel again. 5. I am not sure but I think that the second Gear has no ballbearing against the originally one.
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xman12 You should Ask this the Seller , not me. My Bltouch do work but not flawless. Sometimes the needle comes out and do not go inside the Bl-Touch again. After that the needle touch the Bed all the time and when the Extruder goes to the left side the needle goes down next to the left side of the bed. If the extruder then move to the right direction the needle will bend aside because it colide with the left side of the Bed. this happens sometimes after the bed was messured after more 4 or 6 times, sometimes this happens after it mesured the last testpoint upper right of the glasbet. Also there ist in bug in the Printer Firmware, if you manualy move the z axis into the menue (not z axis offset! but the Move menue) to move the extruder up a bit and then start the measure procedure it will measure correct but then collide with the glasbet and destroy the surface. I have not reconized the exact procedure to make this bug happen. It seems that the Printer do not correct set the Value of the Move Menue back to standard, or something else. I Have the Board 4.2.2 inside with the silent steppers.

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xman12 BMP180 search "Github BMP180.h" BH1750FVI search "Github Update BH1750FVI_Simple.ino " There are many code samples on github, I am not good in coding. May be someone other has better code samples.

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