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D: Please confirm if really 185nm not written as data but after picture !

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Vvera you could use the link for help: https://www.banggood.com/Contact-Us_hi111

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KayUweBoehm@BG564817411 No information found about adapter size and searched for best corona virus filter 99.997% from sundström with paraffine oil 18 months only all 7 days prefilter to change 5 for 10€ https://www.nonpaints.com/de/sundstroem-sr510-p3-filter-99-997-per-stueck?sqr=sundst& kayuweboehm@yahoo.de

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KayUweBoehm Not for germany there W21.8-14 mother not father connector and cylinder with stick not blocking new flat valve head from other country or still in collector box of exchange places or NKD etc. CO2 from.hornbach.de or kölle zoo up to 6kg real 8kg filled.

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