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D: if power failer what happend to its settings?

Domandata da FB7M11 il 2019-08-13 05:37:07

Vlad All settings securely stored in devices memory, power cats shall not affect storred settings

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D: can I control it directly using smartphone without the Wi-Fi modem?

Domandata da mukesh kumar il 2018-09-27 04:38:11

Vlad You can but requring tasmota flashing, then you can controm inside the LAN

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D: does it work with Alexa?

Domandata da BG441252224 il 2020-08-23 10:20:51

Vlad Yes, 1st you need bridge=receiver, then you link device to app, and finally link app to Alexa.

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D: Does it work with sonoff birdge rf?

Domandata da henry_thompson il 2020-10-11 09:43:06

Vlad No, there are 2 versions available:1 is wifi works with network directly, and 2ns iz Zigbee protocol, then you need ZBbidge (white box).

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D: How many sonof devices can I use in ewelink?

Domandata da Ademir il 2018-04-10 04:32:24

Vlad It is up to your router, some can support up to 128 devices in 2.4 network

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Vlad It you don't want to be dependant on wifi search for RF (radio frequency) 433KHz then your switch can work via wifi and-or RF

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Vlad You can set up timing in the app, once it is set device will remember your seting, then you don't need an app, but 1st set up e.g. connect to wifi etc. need to be done from app

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D: is there any other Apps, this device can work with?

Domandata da vknol il 2019-11-10 01:18:44

Vlad Yes ewelink is the official app

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D: Does it require a gateway to work? Or can it work on its own?

Domandata da maydin il 2018-12-22 01:46:51

Vlad Must be connected via zigbee hub (any brand)

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