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johnjenn Addition to MY review ife NOT happy as it has a design fault There is a big gap front and back inthe chute between grater wall and grater NOT GOOD

johnjenn 26/12/2021
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D: does this fit viomi se

Domandata da johnjenn il 2021-12-10 04:18:45

The seller This link is suitable for Viomi SE. https://www.banggood.com/11pcs-Replacements-for-XIAOMI-MIJIA-STYJ02YM-Viomi-V3-Se-V2-Pro-Vacuum-Cleaner-Parts-Accessories-Side-Brushes+4-HEPA-Filters+3-Main-Brush+1-Wet-Mop-Clothes+1-Wet-Dry-Mop-Clothes+1-Cleaning-Tool+1-Non-original-p-1601752.html

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