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jonnyphenomenon 24/01/2022
this car is a blast to drive around with, but the build process was cumbersome, and not without problems. My only real complaint is that the metal rods were not threaded properly in my kit. They LOOKED like they were, but under a microscope I determined that were rolled, but not threaded, so no amount of turning would get the rod ends to thread down over them. I had to force them on and it was miserable. Installing the LED's was a bit of a chore. The spots you are expected to place them don't fit them well, but drilling out those spots with a small drill made them nestle in place much better. . Wire management sucked because I couldn't get CA glue to stick to the plastic coating on the tiny little wires. I used thread to "zip tie" them to the frame and glued that instead which worked great. Did I mention there is ZERO ROOM inside of this thing? its impossible to work on it while the motor is in place. the roll cage completely blocks access to everything within. They really should make the top half of the cage detachable in order to work inside, and then just screw it down when you are done. I ended up removing a lot of it. The main controller board could be a LOT smaller without sacrificing functionality. If I ran the world, things would be done differently... Also, they expect you to thread those tiny little ball joints into the untapped plastic with a tiny little Allen wrench, but its nearly impossible. I cut the 0.9mm Allen wrench in half and used a pin vice to hold the straight part so I could use it like a screwdriver. all in all, once it is built, this thing is loads of fun. I put an FPV camera on it and drive it all over the office building. You should too! I am going to buy a second one to build a little differently. :)
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jonnyphenomenon No OSD switch. I dont know what they are talking about there.. Maybe they mean, its automatic?

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