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D: will this fit a Traxxas slash 2wd?

Domandata da BG414816403 il 2020-02-19 04:02:47

Lauland it also fits the Revo 3.3 Traxxas Throttle and brakes working well for a replacement for stock servos in the steering servos.

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D: I got one but the tube doesn't want to suck nitro anymore what do I do

Domandata da BG109291219 il 2022-01-18 06:59:14

Lauland Some time the hose may be too long cut and shorten it to let the tank increase air flow to the carburetor, the tank needs to suck in air filled tank which will need air as it's burning up the nitro fuel, Less fuel needs more air.

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D: what battery and glo plug do I need to complete the car

Domandata da BG190361852 il 2020-10-02 07:17:22

Lauland same glow plug as a 2.5 Traxxas engine and double AA battery to make the servo and the transmission of the receiver to the radio transmitter.

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Lauland Take 4 double AA energizer batteries for the servo and the receiver to work, Use 20% Nitro fuel into the tank and then plug in the glow plug igniter put your finger on the exhaust pipe pulling the rope to force fuel into your carburetor and take finger away and pull rope and get r started 😀 watch some how to get started in Nitro videos for more information.

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