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purplebrickwall My problem with not recording was the SD Card. I don't know if it was defective. It was a 64 GB Class 10 so it should've worked. 1) Don't have a clue to your #1 Question. 2) I don't know off hand if it records while recording. I think it does but it takes longer for the battery to charge. 3) It has loop recording period. I've seen videos of people using it as a Car Dash Cam and it records great for the price. Those Car Dash Cams are what impressed me about this device. 4) I don't believe it has WiFi ....direct wiring. 5) No auto turn on ...you have to manually turn it on. It's easy to turn on. For it's size and price it records pretty good. I would recommend it. However ....I'm new to these kinds of micro cams and not an expert. I spent many hours over several months watching tutorial and sample videos. Hope this helps.

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