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BG233556385 Ask the correct lumen from producer or distributor. No one who measured lux level at own home or just some who has lux meter. If you need lux level buy in a special lightning shop.

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BG233556385 No. This is a rotary not a laser engraver. I tried to use Atomstack A5 PRO laser engraver on metal surfaces but it is too weak. If the stainles steel coated with paint or die cast you can engrave into the paint.

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BG233556385 Update: after few charging cycle I definitely not recommend it. The real battery capacity is half of my original Makita 5Ah battery. Weak capacity for outdoor machines like lawnmower or Edge cutter. For drilling or electronic screwdriver is ok but less working time.

BG233556385 10/05/2022
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