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D: How much do they does boots weigh? Are they heavy or lightweight?

Domandata da BG223810175 il 2021-02-16 07:10:54

BG232416158 most boots are very lightweight. even boots with the leather sole are surprisingly very lightweighted. it has to do with the quality of the leather. the better the quality generally the thinner the leather and the lighter the weight!

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D: are the shoes genuine leather?

Domandata da BG255475050 il 2020-10-15 01:51:51

BG232416158 yes! I ordered a green pair and a blue pair, they are genuine leather and the most comfortable new shoes I have purchased! incredibly soft and I broke them in very easily, with many compliments!

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BG232416158 in the US that would be an 8.5m-9m

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