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Mehdifj when you connect it to charger for first time does it show up blue light or it supposed to show red light? mine does show just blue light which i was check it out on manual book it says blue means fully charged! it doesn't turn on at all

Elisionite 01/09/2021
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D: Tiene la ñ o no?

Domandata da BG177172251 il 2020-09-23 10:16:45

Mehdifj haveno idea

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D: is this keyboard hot swappable?

Domandata da BG111039342 il 2022-10-31 05:03:02

Mehdifj seemsnot

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D: é compativel com os teclados razer?

Domandata da BG113753481 il 2021-01-25 07:21:45

Mehdifj you can change many keys but you can't change Space,Shift,Enter . Razer has metal under those keys also bottom keys won't be fit as Razer has small Alt,Fn key

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D: Is it compatible with Deck Hassuim?

Domandata da 신창규 il 2019-01-09 02:13:20

Mehdifj check the bottom layout of your keyboard .some brand like Razer has metal trap under Shift , Enter ,Space which means you can't take them out also right Alt ,Fn might not be compatible if your keyboard has small version

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D: is this type c or the old one ?

Domandata da BG474936353 il 2020-10-31 01:51:54

Mehdifj type c

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D: I have a Womier k66, they works?

Domandata da MoguraInk il 2020-12-29 08:27:48

Mehdifj take your keyboard keys out first than check it out they can be fit to most of keyboard except n key bcs some keyboard had big key some small check before buy

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Mehdifj mostly can be fit but essential key like Enter and Space Fn and Alt won't fit check your keyboard you will notice it

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