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Mike 2018-01-22 18:38:41
It's a very nice looking little excavator! It's highly detailed with a metal bucket and battery cover. The tank tracks move like they should, but it may take a little while for your little guy to figure out how to use both controls together for forward or backward movement. The controller seems pretty cheap and has no on/off switch so don't forget to pull the batteries out when you're done playing. I had to cut away a bunch of plastic on the battery case to make room for AA batteries. Maybe there's a slight size difference between Chinese AA's and North American AA's, I don't know. Not a big deal, but without cutting the batteries would not fit properly or make an electrical connection. The sound unit is very loud, so loud that it pierces the ear in an unpleasant way. Ouch. So I put a piece of tape over the sound holes. Problem solved. Too bad they used up 4 of the 8 channels with nearly useless features, like a demo button and a music button. Those channels would have been better used to control the bucket and turret. As it is, there's no control to spin the turret and the arm/bucket functions, only a very simple one button system for scooping/dumping and another button for push/scraping. Despite the limited controls however, the excavator can actually be used for digging in loose dirt. Little kids will love the flashing light and honking horn. There's a button for turning the toy on and off with engine sound start up and shut down! Cool! Overall it's a great value for what you get and is sure to entertain adults and kids alike!
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Mike I'm very grateful that Banggood does a great job with customer service. Don't let my bad review of this little car turn you away, they've already shipped out the replacement part and it should be arriving shortly. Wltoys has a pretty good reputation in the rc world now and I just happen to be the unlucky guy to get a dud. Excellent customer service from Banggood and nice working Wltoys car will keep me coming back. Thanks again!

Mike 2017-12-27 22:43:35
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